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Reading Behavioral Signals in the Dark Funnel — What to Know

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Last week, we told you about our new interactive ebook A Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel, which provides a close-up of the hidden buyer intent most data revenue teams can’t detect … and how to leverage it to dramatically improve their business performance.

This week, we’re highlighting a few key data-points within the Dark Funnel called behavioral signals.

What are Behavioral Signals?

As buyers anonymously conduct research across the internet, they create a kind of digital “breadcrumb trail” that can reveal their interests and intent. Some of this data are called behavioral signals. They reveal:

  • Person and account fit
  • Buyer interest in a solution
  • Source of behavior signals

Let’s take a quick look at each.

Person and Account Fit

Dark Funnel data can contain a buyer’s identity, their job title and which organization they represent. When de-anonymized via leading revenue technology platforms, this data is hugely valuable in assessing the importance of their behavior.

Buyer Interest in a Solution

Some revenue technology platforms can identify the specific solutions that a buyer might be researching. Revtech platforms that use AI are crucial for illuminating this vital information. Armed with this intel, you can focus marketing and sales actions where they’re most likely to be effective.

Source of Behavior Signals

Determining which information sources buyers are reading also provides vital intent information. For instance, buyers who read collateral on syndicated content sites may be earlier in their buying journeys than those who are comparing vendors on product review sites. This info helps revenue teams properly target the right accounts at the right time.

Check Out the Ebook

The right revtech platform can de-anonymize these signals and help your organization streamline and supercharge its revenue generation.

If you want to learn much more about the Dark Funnel and the game-changing intent data that can be extracted from it, check out our interactive A Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel ebook now.

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