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Quick Insight: How AI Can Help Align Sales and Marketing

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Cover Image — 2023 Annual Report: Unlocking the Revenue Potential of AI for B2B.

Revenue teams face heightened pressure to achieve outcomes as efficiently as possible. But a lack of alignment poses a challenge with costly consequences. According to Boston Consulting Group, these inefficiencies amount to a jaw-dropping $2 trillion per year

In chapter 5 of our report, Unlocking The Revenue Potential of AI for B2B, we dive into the causes of misalignment and how a unified approach, driven by AI, helps to streamline efforts and build quality pipeline.

The Cost of Misalignment

Misalignment within revenue teams can manifest in various ways. Divergent goals, incompatible strategies, and disconnected workflows are among the chief culprits that lead to a poor-quality pipeline. And when these issues persist, they can also lead to:

  • Finger-pointing
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Missed revenue targets

The root of this misalignment often starts with pipeline forecast and measurement. 

Generating Revenue Efficiently with AI

Another cause of friction is that, in the absence of clear data, marketing and sales teams often rely on personal experience and anecdotes to inform decisionmaking. By aggregating data from various sources and using machine learning, AI provides an unbiased and accurate view of pipeline performance. No more guessing. 

AI also helps sales and marketing teams align on which accounts to target and prioritize. By analyzing… 

  • Intent data
  • Historical customer data, and 
  • Real-time prospect behavior data

… AI can produce predictive intelligence that shows which accounts are in different buying stages, how soon they might close a deal, and the likely revenue value they represent in your pipeline.

Find even more insights from top leaders and unlock the full potential of your revenue team with AI — check out the free ebook, The State of B2B Marketing: Lessons and Insights From Today’s Top-Performing B2B Marketers.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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