Pipeline Intelligence Updates Make Planning Your 2023 Budget Much, Much Easier

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Dec 12, 2022
Planning & Forecasting

6sense’s November update improves your pipeline planning and reporting, and introduces a new advertising creative services offering.

Employees looking at metrics

Year-end planning is already here, and successfully strategizing for 2023 requires analyzing past performance. This means digging through your CRM and numerous spreadsheets to understand what your future projections should look like.

Given the current economic uncertainty, those projections may be even more difficult than normal, leading to more manual forecasting work and tougher budget discussions.

6sense’s November product update can ease those challenges. It’s designed to improve your pipeline planning for 2023 and beyond. An enhanced Workbench tool makes it easier to model your plans and see how different factors affect your pipeline.

Additionally, new reporting capabilities make it easy to stay on top of critical pipeline metrics across all of your categories and segments.

Here’s more information about what’s new.

A Simple Way to Build Plans for Each of Your Revenue Segments

Pipeline Intelligence removes the guesswork related to your pipeline. You won’t have to guess about which parts of your business are driving the most revenue, or be in the dark about progress toward your goals.

The newly enhanced Workbench tool within Pipeline Intelligence now makes it easier to model all of your pipeline plans.

Attempting to build pipeline plans across your various categories (such as marketing, sales, and customer success) and segments (like event marketing, North America sales, renewals, etc.) becomes incredibly complex and difficult when using only spreadsheets.

Pipeline opportunities can come from a number of sources such as marketing, sales, partners, or customer service. Trying to manually tinker with plans for each category — and segments within those categories — quickly becomes untenable.

The Workbench tool lets you easily model pipeline plans for all your categories, and their segments, in four easy steps:

  1. Enter your dollar targets by segment: How much money have you committed to generate per fiscal period?
  2. Enter allocations: Determine the percent of goal each segment will drive. Set those specific category allocations per segment.
  3. Model based on conversion rates and sales cycles: What percent of deals will be closed won? How long does it take to win business? Assumptions will be different across segments and categories. You can utilize historical data to inform, or manually enter data.
  4. Preview and publish your report.
Pipeline Intelligence Workbench Tool

The enhanced Workbench tool within Pipeline Intelligence.

Essential Pipeline Metrics Delivered to Your Inbox

Tracking your pipeline and performance relative to goals is critical for understanding the health of your business.

But you also have to focus on your day job and can’t spend hours just staring at metrics and building reports to send to your executive team.

To help you stay on top of your pipeline numbers without having to break your workflow, 6sense Pipeline Intelligence can now send even more in-depth reports directly to your inbox.

This enhanced feature makes it easy to subscribe to the reports that are most important to you and receive them weekly or at your fiscal period-end.

These email reports are customizable and allow subscribers to choose which categories are most important to receive updates about.

Your reports can be customized to deliver a summary or comprehensive look at categories like:

  • Marketing-sourced pipeline
  • Partner performance
  • Individual sales segments

If you have questions about what you see in your email report, a handy link leads you directly to that report within the Pipeline Intelligence platform, letting you dive deeper into the numbers.

Subscribing to email reports reduces the need to log into different systems to understand your pipeline performance, obtain easily digestible graphics for presentations, and keep executives always-up-to-date on key targets.

pipeline intelligence summary

An example of Pipeline Intelligence email report.

6sense Advertising Creative Services Maximizes Your Ad Campaign ROI

Also new this month is 6sense’s advertising creative services offering.

This service partners you with a team of experienced designers and editors well-versed in creating high-performing B2B ad campaigns.

The creative services partnership is designed to help teams who don’t have the time to run A/B tests, design animated advertising campaigns, or write eye-catching copy. Early adopters using these services have seen strong improvements in their click-through-rates.

The offerings of this service include:

  • Creative Ad Consultation
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • A/B Testing
  • Banner Ad Building
  • Animated HTML 5 Ad Building
  • Copywriting

Interested in learning more about these creative services? Reach out to creativeservices@6sense.com