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Our New Ebook: 5 Recipes for Better LinkedIn Campaigns

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6sense Integrates with LinkedIn to Enable B2B Marketing Teams to Target and Reach the Most Valuable Audiences

What’s one of the best B2B marketing tools available today? LinkedIn. Marketers see double the conversion rate on LinkedIn compared to other channels. 

The professional networking platform is popular and a successful tool thanks to its granular, business-focused targeting capabilities. Users’ profiles usually include their current company and job title, education history, skills, and interests. Those details are golden for marketers who use LinkedIn’s platform to market to the right people. 

But there are a few challenges that may hold back performance, including: 

  • Advertising rates can be expensive. It’s crucial to focus your budget on a carefully tailored audience. 
  • LinkedIn can tell you a ton about your audience’s characteristics — but not as much about which users may be looking to buy your products or services. 

To overcome those challenges, 6sense can provide visibility into which accounts are ready to buy, and you can use that info to turbocharge your LinkedIn campaigns — making 6sense + LinkedIn a winning combo.  

We’ve got tips and tricks for all your LinkedIn campaigns in our free ebook: 5 Recipes for Creating Effective, Perfectly Timed LinkedIn Ad Campaigns.  

Optimizing LinkedIn Ad Spend 

Data collected by 6sense can be your differentiator in LinkedIn advertising. While LinkedIn can collect firmographic data about a target account and demographic data about members of its buying team, there is no way to identify: 

  • Where buyers are in their journeys 
  • Topics buyers are searching on other sites 
  • If and when buyers are interested in engaging with you 

That’s where 6sense comes in. By capturing buyer intent signals from both known and anonymous third-party sources, you get visibility you didn’t have previously.  

The 6sense + LinkedIn integration makes this critical information not only accessible, but actionable for further audience segmentation and targeting. So you know your ad dollars are going to the most likely buyers at just the right time. 

Try All These Tasty Recipes 

Our new ebook explains how you can use 6sense to create incredibly valuable audience segments to power your LinkedIn campaigns. Download the book to get great plays to help you win more with: 

  • Lead gen campaigns 
  • Highly targeted remarketing campaigns 
  • Pipeline acceleration campaigns 
  • Event registration 
  • Outbound 

Free Ebook, No Contact Info Required 

You can read the ebook right now, no strings attached — no contact forms or any of that nonsense. Just actionable insights. When you do want to talk, you can book a demo here. 

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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