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New Tools to Improve Advertising ROI and Boost Email Engagement — 6sense February 2023 Product Update

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To generate the best ROI from your ad spend, you need to deeply understand which of your efforts and investments are influencing accounts that are in-market and primed to buy. You also need tools that make it simple to optimize your campaigns.

6sense’s latest product updates help you target ad placements that truly move the needle and deliver a new way to generate significant uplift on your email campaigns.

Read on for more information on the latest 6sense update. 

A New Metric to Understand and Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Introducing Advertising Viewability

6sense Advertising introduces a metric that helps you understand the performance of your ad campaigns in even more detail: Advertising Viewability. 

This metric measures how often your ads appeared long enough — and in a prominent enough position — for your audience to see them.

Only half of programmatic ad impressions meet the criteria to be considered viewable. Ads might not meet this criteria because they are: 

  • Served in an ad position that was never seen because users never scrolled to their position on the page, or 
  • The ad didn’t load fast enough before the viewer moved elsewhere or clicked away

Why this matters: Measuring viewability reveals how often ads are actually being seen by your target audience. Low viewability rates mean that your campaigns are not reaching your buyers. 

Viewability Targeting

Because viewability is such an important metric, 6sense now offers users the ability to optimize the viewability of ad campaigns. 

During the campaign creation process, users can toggle the campaign to optimize for viewability. This setting will analyze historical data and restrict your campaign from bidding on auctions that 6sense’s AI predicts will result in low viewability. 

Why this matters: By eliminating non-viewable impressions, this optimization will result in higher overall viewability rates for your campaigns. Higher viewability rates improve your chances of engaging with your key accounts, and help you generate stronger overall ROI from CPM bidding. 

A/B Testing for Conversational Email

6sense’s AI Conversational Email saves you time by automating email sends and replies. 

Now, you can A/B test different versions of the same email with a sample of your recipients to measure and improve engagement. 

When creating an email, you can now toggle the ability to A/B test that email for a small group of recipients. From there, you can make changes in the subject line or body copy and analyze how the different versions impact open and click-through rates.

You can then send the winning version to the rest of your audience.

Why this matters: A/B testing gives you even more control over your automated email sends while providing real-world results on which version drives the most engagement. Get insights into performance before you send to your wider audience and optimize based on those results.

Interested in learning more about the latest updates to 6sense? Customers can access a more in-depth article here.

Programmatic advertising is just a small part of what 6sense offers customers. To learn more about how we help revenue teams hit their goals, book a demo.

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