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Meet 5 Future Women Board Members from Empowered CMO Network’s ‘Board Book’ 

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Group of Women

We know boards of directors that contain gender and professional diversity help companies innovate and perform. 

That’s why Empowered CMO Network and Athena Alliance have partnered to bring forth and champion women CMOs who are qualified, motivated, and eager to serve on boards. 

We want to introduce you to 60 female CMOs who will be valuable additions to your corporate boards and your networks. You can get to know each of these professionals through their biographies in Empowered CMO Network’s The Board Book. It’s free. 

Here are five stellar examples of the future board members you’ll meet. 

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Damaris Santiago, Vice President of Marketing 

Damaris SantiagoDamaris Santiago is an analytical and entrepreneurial marketing executive with extensive experience building marketing departments for scale. Her expertise lies in developing key demand generation functions, inspiring high-performance teams, executing transformative concepts, and delivering robust growth for $30 million to $200 million organizations.  

She grew up an inner-city Chicago kid, born to parents who came over from a Caribbean island seeking more opportunities on the mainland. That instinct to survive and thrive has served her well and stuck with her throughout her career. 

She pursued both art and science in her studies and eventually came into marketing — the perfect blend of the two disciplines. She began as an individual contributor, performing all of the functions in marketing and rapidly working her way into leadership positions. 

Damaris currently serves as VP of Marketing at, a leader in process intelligence technology. Previously, she served as VP of Marketing at Learning A-Z and Chief Marketing Officer for DataBank, a Kyocera Group Company.  

Barrie Markowitz, Executive Vice President 

Barrie MarkowitzBarrie Markowitz is a B2B and B2C marketing leader known for her keen pattern recognition in assessing challenges and recommending solutions for recurring revenue businesses. Colleagues call it her “Spidey sense.”  While that’s, colloquially, a super power, it’s deeply rooted in data and practical operating and advisory experience.  

Barrie is an Executive Vice President at Insight Partners, Marketing Center of Excellence. She has advised hundreds of SaaS companies’ CEOs and CMOs (ranging from $1 million to $100 million ARR) on strategies including demand generation, go-to-market organization building, and CMO hiring. 

Barrie’s network is extensive, and she continues to mentor colleagues she’s met throughout her career. She channels her passion for mentoring by serving as a board member for The Acceleration Project, a female-founded non-profit whose mission is to support small businesses, with a focus on those owned by women and people of color. 

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Chi-Chi Liang, Chief Marketing Officer 

Chi Chi LiangEarly-stage startups go through a lot of growing pains. Chi-Chi Liang is an expert at navigating those with her 25 years of international experience in B2B SaaS marketing, strategy, and business operations functions at multiple Fortune 500 and early- to mid-stage startup companies, predominantly in the cybersecurity and data-analytics markets.  

Building teams from the ground up and fixing splintered teams is a specialty for Chi-Chi, who has been recruited into five different organizations to do exactly this. Her ability to easily move from strategy to digging into details allows her to quickly develop the right organizational and operational roadmap for each situation. 

She is passionate about promoting DE&I and is currently the executive sponsor for DE&I at Alloy and holds a board seat at Bopsidy, a social platform for dancers with a vision of promoting equality for every dancer and genre. You can find Chi-Chi teaching Cuban salsa or taking other dance classes in her free time. 

Emily Maxie, Chief Marketing Officer 

Emily MaxieEmily Maxie is a builder who loves solving problems that no one has solved before. Her strong drive to chart her own path led her to where she is today — leading an elite marketing team as Chief Marketing Officer of a high-growth technology company while pursuing her executive MBA at Wharton. 

During her career, Emily has held almost all key marketing roles as she grew from individual contributor to executive. Emily built high-performing marketing teams from the ground up at three technology companies, always focusing on scalability, agility, and transparency. This approach has led to 800% revenue growth over the past five years at her current company. 

During her time at Very, Emily led major strategic initiatives, including the annual service-market fit exercise to hone the company’s service offerings to appeal to current and prospective customers, leading to a 93% increase in sales pipeline compared to the previous 90-day period. In her previous role as head of marketing at a SaaS company, she led marketing through successful Series A and Series B rounds for a total of $31.6 million in funding. 

Get the free ‘Empowered CMO Network Board Book’

Kirti Dewan, Vice President, Marketing 

Kirti DewanAre we flying at the right altitude? This is a question Kirti Dewan frequently asks her founders, peers, and team members, and she is candid with her input and feedback. 

Kirti is a builder and scaler of go-to-market machines at early- to mid-stage venture-backed companies and is adept at connecting vision and strategy to execution. She advises founders on how to view issues from a go-to-market perspective as well as on board management. 

Kirti is passionate about building high-performing teams where people get to do the best work of their careers. She operates under the mantra of “focus, priorities, purpose, outcomes” and applies it to all aspects of her thinking and delivery. She excels at distilling technical capabilities into value messages and building data-driven demand-generation engines on lean budgets. 

Kirti’s current role is VP of Marketing at Fiddler AI, which is recognized by a16z as one of the top 50 data startups in 2022. She emigrated to the United States from India 23 years ago and has learned that anything is possible if you are comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Kirti juggles volunteership at her children’s school and currently serves on the community-engagement advisory committee to the board of trustees. 

Meet Your Next Board Member 

Have you already met your next board member? Want to learn more about these five exceptional CMOs and meet the rest? 

Empowered CMO Network’s The Board Book explains the importance of our mission and offers details on the women in this group.  

The Empowered CMO Network and Athena Alliance provided these candidates with hundreds of hours of education — on everything from funding, to building, to operating and governing a business — to help them hit the ground running as your newest board members. 

Let’s change the future and your business now. 

Get the free ‘Empowered CMO Network Board Book’

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