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In-Market Insights Can Help Mitigate Recession Impacts

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Today’s economists are forecasting a recession. Tech stocks have already been hit hard, and some companies have announced layoffs. This leaves CMOs, CROs, and sales leaders to hit their same goals, but with fewer resources and fewer potential buyers. 

This looming threat makes it all the more important for marketing teams to use resources wisely and ensure they’re putting out the right content to the right accounts at the right time. Organizations that use technology to identify and engage their in-market accounts will have an advantage.

Even in times of financial strain, there are always companies in growth stages. Your future customers are out there. Running a successful marketing function in today’s economy requires investing in tools that enable you to identify your In-Market Ideal Customer Profile (IICP)

Knowing who is most likely to buy your solution at a given time enables you to focus outreach on that subset of the market and ultimately maximize your ROI.

Gated Content and MQLs Are Broken

Many marketers are still focused on driving web traffic to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Without insights into which companies are in-market, marketers are forced to aim their marketing budget at their entire Total Addressable Market, hoping to connect with the segment of that audience that’s ready to buy. Then, the hope continues, the potential buyers will raise their hands by filling out contact forms and becoming MQLs.

Only a fraction of those you advertise to will have interest. And even fewer people will volunteer their contact info. This slow, expensive process saps ROI. 

This approach is barely survivable in good times and a stable economy — and that’s as long as your competitors are doing the same. But with the looming threat of recession, you can’t afford to go with “spray and pray” marketing. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “but I personalize my content for different customer segments! What more could I do?” While it’s a step in the right direction, simply personalizing for a pre-established group of personas is also wasteful if you’re not relying on the most accurate data.

Because while an account may be part of your total addressable market (TAM), they may not be in-market, or anywhere near ready to buy your solution. Thus, any time and money spent on them is wasted.

Achieve Better Marketing ROI

What if, instead of finding a needle in the haystack, you could generate a stack of only needles? 

6sense’s account intelligence technology uses keyword tracking across thousands of sites to collect intent data and match it to your accounts. In addition to showing which accounts are actively researching solutions, our AI creates hyper-personalized segments, offers predictive models, and recommends action for proactively engaging future customers.

We also provide in-market insights and real-time customer segments that can be directly integrated with Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s advertising platforms and leveraged across channels, enabling you to reach buying teams at specific in-market accounts without wasting money on irrelevant audiences. 

Set Yourself up for Recession Success

Keep your revenue engine strong while the broader market weakens. 

As a possible recession nears, marketing teams that invest in tools that provide accurate and thorough intent data will enable themselves to allocate resources properly, scale processes, develop pipeline, and — most importantly — grow revenue.

See the power of the platform:

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