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How to Uncover Where Your Buyers Are in Their Journey and Make That Information Actionable

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Impeccable timing is what makes sales and marketing engagement relevant — especially with B2B buyers. 

To have an accurate picture of where your buyers are, you must capture the signals they give off when they’re performing under-the-radar research. Unlocking that data gives you real-time insights into where your buyers are in their journeys, and which ones are actively in-market for your solutions. 

The Signals That Reveal a Buyer’s Stage in Their Journey 

Some of the signals 6sense captures about anonymous buyers include when they’re: 

  • Visiting your website 
  • Reading ungated content 
  • Searching for topics related to your business 
  • Reading third-party review sites  
  • Researching topics about your competitor’s offerings 

All those activities add up to a picture of an account that is actively researching solutions and ready to buy. 

How to Determine Where Your Buyers are in Their Journey 

Collecting those hidden signals is only one part of the equation that leads to you uncovering where your audience is in their buying journey. 

AI can monitor an account’s signals to predict its buying stage, which helps you communicate more effectively and understand which accounts may be closer to signing a deal.  

Within the 6sense platform, you can get a quick visualization of all the accounts that make up each stage of your buyer’s journey: 

A dashboard shows the number of accounts in the target, awareness, consideration, decision, and purchase stages.
A view in the 6sense platform of the accounts in each stage of the buyer’s journey.

This aggregated information helps you quickly understand the overall health of your business and the momentum you have. You can easily identify if you’re lacking in top-of-funnel accounts or need to focus on driving more buyers further along their journey toward closing a deal. 

However, the real power comes from the ability to drill down and use that data to inform your activities. 

Deep Insights About Your Buyer’s Journey Unlocks More Effective Campaigns 

When you have real-time data about where your buyers are in their journeys, you can build campaigns that are personalized and more likely to drive engagement. 

Within 6sense, you can begin matching accounts to campaigns based on where an account is in its journey, and instantly activate new campaigns when a buyer moves between stages.  

Some examples of what you can do include: 

  • Create an advertising campaign that targets buyers in the Awareness stage with a top-of-funnel ebook about the pain points your customers face
  • Push alerts to your sales team when an account enters the Consideration phase so they can prepare materials based on the buyer’s previous engagements
  • Launch a personalized web page for buyers within certain industries and buying stages that speak directly to their unique needs

The ability to launch campaigns based on an account’s buying stage gives your teams the opportunity to deliver the exact right message at the right time — increasing your chances of closing the deal. 

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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