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How Multinational Lenders Can Use ABM to Efficiently Target SMB Customers

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Salesperson knowing it's the right time to call a prospect because of intent data

Banks and lenders strive to create revenue opportunities that drive long-term success. But there is such a thing as too much opportunity. The world is full of millions of small- and medium-sized businesses — nearly all of which need financial services and could become profitable customers.

Local financial institutions can rely on local business networking to find the best potential customers. But this isn’t a viable option when you’re operating on multiple continents. 

In these global markets, you need to be able to detect opportunities and act on them in a way that is largely automated — delivering a personalized experience while saving direct conversation for only the most likely buyers

Account-based marketing (ABM) can help. 

Find the Needles in the Haystack

When your customer base spans continents, diving into the prospecting process can feel like searching for a missing earring somewhere in NYC. Where do you even start?

Firstly, you need to know which accounts to go after at a given time. The philosophy of ABM is that it’s not more data — it’s actionable data that allows you to whittle your total addressable market down into a realistic group of accounts to target and engage.

Technology that gathers intent data enables you to identify small- and medium-sized companies around the world that match your ICP and catpure buying signals that show they are ready to become a customer, including:

  • Browsing your website
  • Browsing your competitors’ websites
  • Researching topics related to your solution
  • Reading reviews on third-party sites
  • And more

Armed with this visibility, you can focus your energy and resources on opportunities that are most likely to open accounts right now

Prioritize & Personalize Engagement at Scale

Now you know who to engage. Next is knowing how to engage them.

AI-based ABM platforms can provide insights such as… 

  • What technology an account uses and whether it aligns with your product
  • Who key stakeholders are within the account
  • What topics those stakeholders are researching online

…and then recommend personalized outreach and relevant channels and content to serve up to each contact. For instance: by using data about historical performance and similar deals, the technology can even predict which accounts are likely to be most profitable, and which sales and marketing actions are most likely to deliver the best results.

Sales intelligence simplifies the prospecting and qualification process, making it easy to prioritize the right accounts — and facilitates more personalized engagement with every buyer.


Operating internationally means you’ve got a larger base of potential customers — but also means you’ve got a larger pool of businesses from which to identify in-market accounts. ABM and supporting technologies empower you to pinpoint businesses in need of a loan while eliminating wasted time and effort on those that aren’t.

6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales helps to quickly find contacts, personalize outreach, and streamline sales activities so you can focus on the best revenue opportunities. 

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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