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How to Find a Company’s Tech Stack Using Their Job Postings

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The meaning of “technology stacks” has evolved (like everything else) with the introduction of technographics. The term is no longer used to just refer to the frameworks, programming languages, etc. that developers use to build an app or write code. “Technology stacks” are also the suite of software products that companies and teams use to facilitate efficient operations within their organization. This includes products like CRMs, marketing automation software, and ticketing software. 

Technographics, on the other hand, analyzes the technology stacks of companies to give you insights like when an organization started using a tool or when their contract renewals are due, which in turn tells you when the company is ready for buying. Sales intelligence tools in the market like Slintel use technographics to even determine the buying intent of a particular company.

Furthermore, tech stacks can help you:

#1 Identify customers of competing technologies

#2 Identify customers of complementary technologies

#3 Discover new buyers in your space 

#4 Knowing whom to connect with

Finding Tech Stacks Of A Company

While all of this information is great and pretty valuable, the basic question here is simple: How do you find out the tech stack of a company? 

To answer, there are a couple of ways you can find this out. 

  1. By using software like Slintel, Bombora, Uplead, or some other such similar product. 
  2. By performing manual research, sifting through heaps and heaps of data available for free to find signals of whether a company is using a particular technology. This can include inspecting:
    • Blogs
    • Publications
    • Press releases
    • eBooks
    • Whitepapers
    • Job postings

Finding Tech Stacks Through Job Postings

Today, we are going to teach you a simple technique to validate whether a company is using a particular technology through their job postings. 

Keep in mind that this can only be done when you have a few companies or prospects to whom you already want to reach out. To do this in bulk would require a technographic data solution, which you will have to definitely pay for. 


  1. The simplest way is to go to your prospect’s website and click on “Careers” or “Job Openings”. Alternatively, you can just google “<company name> + Jobs” and that search will throw up results as to where they have posted their jobs. In Slintel’s case, we have our jobs up on AngelList, and that’s where you can find such information. 
  1. Here are some examples of job postings:
  1. You can see very clearly that Yantra, a company in the tech industry, is looking for a Business Manager for Large Accounts for ERP (Oracle Netsuite) which is a dead giveaway that Yantra is currently using Netsuite ERP. 
  1. Similarly, if you take the example above that, Thrive Market is looking for a Senior Netsuite Developer, which means that they are using Netsuite too and have growing pains, and hence looking for a developer to meet their needs. 

It’s That Simple!

Yes, it’s that simple. This simple trick will tell you which technology a company is using, without spending a dime. Most companies do have the software name in their job openings, and if you comb through their job listings enough, you are bound to find what you are looking for. 

Let us know if this worked for you, and what other ways you can suggest to find tech stacks without an actual software. Looking for customers of other technologies that are complementary or competing with your company? Check out the blog posts below:

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