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Find Slack Customers in 4 Simple Steps

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Slack boasts 10 million+ active daily users and more than 85000 paid corporate clients. These stats show you that Slack has inevitably become a part of most companies’ tech stacks.

If 2020 didn’t bring about changes in your life and work, then you are lying to yourself. The pandemic has forced all of us to take meetings, schedule calls, and (yes, I’m gonna say those three words) work from home. 

Even though Slack has been around since before the pandemic, it has proved to be a game changer for all professionals working from home. It allowed us to ensure communication with our teams which in turn allowed for seamless flow of tasks and processes.

If you are looking for customers who use Slack then here are 4 simple steps on how you can go about doing this.

Now, there is an easy way to do this and a few manual ways. While we’ve mentioned both the routes you can take in this blog post, feel free to jump to the end of this post if you want to instantly find a list of Slack customers today.

Take a look at the steps below and find out which works best for you.

How to Find Slack Customers Manually

If you want to manually find Slack customers, then the only way to do it is by creating a list of prospects and then verifying if they’re a Slack customer or not. Here’s how you can do this in 4 simple steps.

#1 Create a list of prospects

Any task starts with a list. In this case, defining who your prospects are is going to be helpful. Identify which set of companies can benefit from your product and address their pain points. 

The next thing to do is to organize your intel. You can classify prospects based on company size, buyers, motivators, or added value.

Through this simple exercise you will be able to come with a focused list of prospects.

Source: Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

#2 Check to find out if your prospects are using Slack as part of their tech stack

Now the next step is to find out if your curated list of prospects are actually using slack as part of their tech stack. How do you do that, you ask? 

You can do this JUST by using a single website – Slintel’s website. This is a way you can avoid having to shift through heaps and heaps of data available online such as blogs, publications, press releases, ebooks, white papers, and job postings, etc.

Take a look at this blog which outlines the step-by-step process to find what tech stack companies are using. Slack is typically found under the “Communications” section under “<Company Name>’s Technology Stack”.

Does this mean that when Slack isn’t listed on the website, the company doesn’t use it at all? In most cases, yes, but in rare scenarios, it could be omitted inadvertently. So what would one do if the desired prospect doesn’t show up on Slintel’s website?

#3 Some good old fashioned manual verification

To double check if the prospects you’re looking at are Slack users, you need to do some digging around the internet rabbit hole before you find it. This is where manual verification takes front and center.

Open your browser and start by typing “{company}”. For the sake of this example let us see if Pipedrive is using Slack as part of their tech stack. So you type and see what happens.


#4 Use variations of the company name

Once the page pops up, you might want to do a quick check on the accuracy of the company name. If it is accurate, then you know they use Slack. However, if it still doesn’t show up, or the company showing up is not the one you’re trying to prospect, then use different variants of the company name. 

For example: If you are trying to see if the company Otter uses slack then, you ought to make sure that you are looking for the right company since there is a slack workspace for Otter and Otter ai as shown in the image below. So if Otter ai is the one you are looking for then type

Source: and

As you can see, this will allow you to find the information you are looking for but it is cumbersome. What if I told you that there is a much simpler way to do this? Just the fact that you can find this much information using our website will allow you to visualize what can be done when you have access to our entire database. 

How to Find Slack Customers Using Sales Intelligence Software

Slintel helps you uncover the 3% of your buyers actively looking to buy. With a data provider like Slintel you can have access to clean and precise data to find customers your needs and not just prospects. 

So if you are wondering how many Slack customers does Slintel track? Then look no further. 

As of now Slintel tracks 281131 companies that are using Slack. This number will continue to grow as we scrape through more information.  

Subscribing to Slintel’s professional plan will not only allow you to access the tech stack of a company but you will also be able to identify your next customer through technographics, access company and people profiles with a cleaner precision.

Happy Selling!

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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