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How To Find Greenhouse Customers

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Greenhouse provides recruitment software as a service, and provides applicant tracking systems to help businesses find suitable candidates. They also provide professional recruitment services from a dedicated support team. Greenhouse is one of the leading software companies in the world of HR, and they have reigned for quite some time now. 

A lot of competing and complementary businesses want to find customers of Greenhouse, or verify whether their prospects uses Greenhouse. Here’s how you can find this information in three simple steps:

Step #1

Go to the “Careers” or “Job Openings” page of your prospect’s website. 

Step #2 

Right-click on the page, then click on “Inspect”.

Step #3 

Look for this URL through the power of the Find function (ctrl+F on Windows or cmd + F on Mac): or just “Greenhouse”. 

Find Greenhouse customers for free

Et voila! There you have it. If this URL shows up on your prospects page, then that means they are likely a customer of Greenhouse. You can find if your prospect is a current customer, or must have been a customer in the past of Greenhouse HR just by this simple technique. 

However, this can only be done when you have a few prospects lined up already and don’t have a requirement to find this in bulk. This is only possible if you have the time to put in manual effort to find information about your prospect, and if you have a list of customers to go after. 

Doing this for a hundred prospects straight would require you to set aside a chunk of time, and would also mean doing a load of manual work. Could there be a way to find this information without this amount of research? Yes, there is.

An even simpler way?

To avoid this, another way you can do this with ease and without this degree of manual intervention is through using a sales intelligence platform such as Slintel

Step #1 

Instead of the above exercise, you can simply search for your prospect’s name on Slintel’s search bar

Step #2 

This will take you to the prospect’s dedicate company page on Slintel

Company page for 24.7 AI

Step #3 

The company page for the prospect will show you their technology stack by category, and which application they use for which team. It is as simple as that! No login, no sign up required. 

Technology Stack Greenhouse-Slintel

Step #4 Furthermore, just by a quick search on the website, you can find out that Slintel tracks 5200+ customers of Greenhouse, their market share, how many companies have dropped or adopted Greenhouse tech. It’s really that easy! 

Greenhouse customers page- Slintel


Getting these insights manually can be really difficult, but you can do this much more efficiently by using a sales intelligence platform. Slintel can provide you rich, deep insights about the technology stack, users, adoption and deletion rate of customers, and so much more. 

Try It Out Yourself

Let us know in the comments if the above technique helped you to find companies that use Greenhouse for free.

For more information about Slintel, visit our website. Slintel not only tracks the technology stacks of companies, but also keyword insights, company insights, lead information, direct dials, and high-confidence email addresses. Ask for a demo from our executives to empower your sales, marketing, and HR team with the most accurate and advanced data insights in the market. 

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