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‘Everyone Wants the Entire Team to Win’

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Aaron Torres

California native Aaron Torres worked in B2C sales before recently joining 6sense as a BDR. He loves bringing value to prospects by addressing their needs, celebrating wins with the revenue team, and receiving feedback that helps him grow his skills. Outside of work, Aaron loves cycling and going on walks, and is well-known among his team members as a “fragrance expert.”

Being a BDR can be tough — especially when you’re new to it, Aaron says. But the love and support he gets from his teammates helps propel him through the challenging days. Here’s what else he had to share about his experience as a BDR at 6sense:

6sense: How did you get into sales?

Aaron: Sales is something I enjoy doing, and I’ve done it for some time, but I really wanted to try an outbound role. I’m just about to complete my first week as a BDR here at 6sense, and I’ve enjoyed “drinking our own champagne” as part of the outreach process.

What keeps me in the game? I can play a role in helping a lot of companies streamline their sales and marketing processes. 6sense’s tool definitely feels like an industry changer.

What are the benefits of being a BDR here at 6sense?

Our FAMILY values. Especially the “Yes, and…” part of our culture here. My previous job made it a point to stick to your own job, and everyone else is just noise. At 6sense, I have a choice of where to ask for help. If not on a particular Slack channel, then on another one. Or I can always go directly to someone for help. Although BDRs compete with one other, everyone wants the entire team to win before anything else.

What was your favorite thing to pitch about 6sense as the first point of contact for potential customers?

It’s tough, but the prioritization capabilities it gives marketing and sales. 6sense really makes it easier for these teams to understand who’s worth engaging with, through orchestration or outbound.

When you experience a setback, who’s someone on your team that you can lean on to stay motivated?

6sense has incredible value that some may not understand. It can be difficult to explain or offer a value proposition in a quick call. I can always lean on my team and my BDM anytime I am struggling with the job. Even a quick chat with my BDM or BDR buddy about how I’m doing and things that are going on in my life can help.

There’s lots of companies hiring BDRs these days. What brought you to 6sense?

Everyone here talks about how great the culture is, but it’s true. I had a great time during my interview process. I chose 6sense because I really saw its growth potential and my career progression growing with this company. 6sense bet on me after finishing a BDR academy (SV) and they continue to bet on my success to this day. I feel like I can bring value to this team, and it’s recognized.

What’s something about being a BDR you wish people knew?

BDR requires foresight and organization. You’re always prospecting the hottest accounts while keeping up with accounts you have already engaged with. It’s a tough job but rewarding nonetheless.

And it teaches you that sales is simply about adding value for people who’re looking after their own needs and wants. If you can convey value and empathy for prospects and customers, the sales process is less transactional. It’s more like a partnership.

What’s the quirkiest thing about 6sense’s all-hands meetings that you think might set us apart?

It’s definitely C-suite and upper execs talking about their kids and family. I love that. And hearing sales horror stories, or how JZ [Jason Zintak, 6sense’s CEO] and Mark E. [Mark Ebert, SVP of North American Sales] got started in sales makes it feel like a family.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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