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Delivering a Cookie-Free Future for B2B Advertisers

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It’s well known that third-party cookies are on a slow path to extinction, thanks mostly to changes Google is expected to implement in 2024. With Safari, Firefox, and other browsers already blocking third-party cookies today, the cookie has been in decline for years.

We at 6sense have actively followed these changes, and continue to develop, test, and release capabilities that make 6sense advertising the best way for marketers to reach and engage highly targeted B2B audiences — with or without cookies.

Some of these changes are visible, but many are implemented quietly behind the scenes, providing incredible benefits to 6sense customers without them even being aware of the changes.

Here are some of the more important changes we’ve made — and will continue to make — so B2B advertisers have the best options to reach their audiences.

Strengthened 6signal™ IP Dataset with Additional Identifiers

6signal, our patented account identification technology, has always used IP addresses as a primary identifier. We’re already in the best position in the market to continue identifying and targeting accounts without third-party cookies.

Because cookies are not a primary identifier, 6sense can continually focus on improving our market-leading identification and targeting capabilities, rather than scramble to replace the role of third-party cookies in 6signal.

This has empowered us to strengthen our solution by mapping new non-cookie-based identifiers to 6signal and further improve our market-leading accuracy and ad targeting.

Expanding Integrations with Walled Garden Ad Platforms

In digital advertising, walled gardens are properties like LinkedIn that run advertising using their own audience data through their own platforms. The rich first-party data these properties have position them well for the loss of third-party cookies.

Today we work with LinkedIn and Facebook, two of the largest walled garden ad platforms for B2B, to make 6sense’s rich targeting data available through native integrations. This means clients can use 6sense data directly in these platforms without relying on third-party cookies.

6sense’s integration with LinkedIn has been available for several years. We released our integration with Facebook last year and will continue to integrate with additional platforms.

Improving Persona Targeting Solutions

Identifying companies is just the starting point. If you cannot target the right audience within the company, much of your advertising investment is still going to miss the target.

At 6sense, we have introduced, and will continue to introduce, capabilities and infrastructure enhancements so you can reach the right audience in a company, even without a cookie. Here are three capabilities that deliver the biggest impacts:

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting, or running advertising only on pages about specific topics, is a way to reach your audience when they are in the right frame of mind, which has consistently been shown to improve results.

Alternative Identifiers

Alternative identifiers, including RampID, Unified ID, and others, enable cookie-free audience targeting and reporting, using identifiers that are both more robust and privacy-conscious than traditional cookie-based identifiers.

Publisher First-Party Data

Publisher first party data has not generally been used for programmatic ad targeting, but that is changing. By working directly with large publishers, we enable audience targeting through the 6sense DSP using the publisher’s own audience data.

This is an approach we expect to be increasingly important both for the business model of quality publishers and for advertisers that want to reach their audiences without using third-party cookies.

Our Commitment to Innovation

6sense will continue to use cookie-based persona targeting while it is available. However, over time, we expect it will be almost completely replaced by solutions like the ones above. We’re also monitoring Google’s Topics proposal and anticipate supporting Google Topics if it is released, in addition to the robust technological alternatives for enterprise B2B advertisers we’ve outlined above.

We Will Keep Making It Easy For You

The demise of cookies will make digital advertising more complex, but that doesn’t mean it will be more complicated for you.

6sense has always had the best company identification, without relying on cookies. Now we have made additional enhancements to 6signal, persona targeting, and integrations, strengthening our already best-in-market B2B DSP.

We are ready to keep making it easy for you to reach and engage your audiences with advertising. Yes, even without a cookie.

Eric Wittlake

Eric Wittlake

Eric Wittlake is the Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing at 6sense. He has spent more than 20 years working with leading marketing and revenue teams across strategy, demand generation, technology, and advertising. Prior to joining the 6sense product marketing team, he led TOPO’s account-based research and advisory practice, where he worked with a wide range of high growth B2B SaaS companies.

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