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Celebrating Women’s History Month at 6sense

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In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the Women of 6sense employee resource group (ERG) is hosting a series of events for all 6sense employees throughout March. 

At 6sense, we aim to celebrate diversity of race, gender, age, religion, identity, sexual orientation, accessibility, and ethnicity. Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and who we are, because we believe you can’t achieve true innovation without including diverse voices and perspectives.

We’re committed to creating a culture where all voices are heard and valued, and here are some of the ways we are working toward that during Women’s History Month:


Find Your Why Workshop: On International Women’s Day, our Chief People Officer, Terese Lam, will guide employees in a workshop to start the month with positive mindsets and help set personal and professional intentions.

Yoga and Meditation: 6sense values self-care for employees, so 6sensers are invited to roll out their yoga mats and take some time to stretch their bodies and relax their minds with a yoga and mindfulness meditation session.

Networking Lunch: Women and allies are invited to “speed network” during lunch and connect with employees that they don’t usually get a chance to interact with. This is a great opportunity for employees to build community, as well as expand their professional network or even find mentorship opportunities.

Unlocking Your Superpower in the Workplace: Reflecting on the month’s events and takeaways, this workshop will help 6sensers identify their superpowers and learn how to use them for professional success.

Celebrating Difference Makers and Inspiring Change

Throughout the month, women employees and customers will be recognized and celebrated on social media, and employees are encouraged to help out the organization of their choice by using their volunteer PTO, or to take time out for self care. 

Employees are also invited to join a special LinkedIn Learning challenge and increase their knowledge on bias in the workplace, different leadership skills, ways to amplify women’s voices, and how to encourage allies. 

Additionally, a charitable donation will be made to Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to empowering women worldwide to achieve economic independence.

This is just a small sneak peek at what 6sense does to help support, nurture, and celebrate employees. Year-round, 6sense continues to celebrate women, recognize their contributions, and offer opportunities to grow their careers. 

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