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Building a Best-in-Class Martech Stack to Revolutionize Your GTM Strategy

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Building a Best-in-Class Martech Stack to Revolutionize Your GTM Strategy


For organizations like Aruba Networks, an access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solution for mobile enterprise networks, it’s important to remain differentiated in a competitive landscape through continued innovation. This forward-thinking mentality has recently led the company to embark on a major transformational journey over the past few years: Modernizing its go-to-market approach, from strategy to execution, to technology stack.

The Aruba Networks team has since successfully evolved from manual processes and disparate systems to a unified revenue team, aligned on a modern martech stack. Learn what worked for Gladys Alegre-Kimura, Head of Marketing Operations, and the Aruba revenue team on their journey to building a best-in-class martech stack and revenue engine. In this session, you’ll hear about:

  • How Aruba moved from manual operations to evaluating the right set of technologies to streamline their activities, personalize their outreach, improve account engagement, and deliver results
  • How the shift to an account-based approach can successfully align a global revenue team when executed the right way
  • What’s next for Aruba: Catapulting the revenue organization from where they are today to a fully-fledged ABX engine

The 6sense Team

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