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BCG Research Finds B2B Companies Waste $2 Trillion Annually, Cites 6sense as a Solution

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B2B companies throw away $2 trillion every year, says a new report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

How are they leaving so much money on the table? Wasteful, inefficient, and outdated sales and marketing processes, the report indicates.

With threats of a recession looming, B2B organizations can’t keep working like this.

How AI Can Rescue Revenue Teams

In its research, BCG identifies two keys to a company’s ability to take control of its bottom line:

RevTech isn’t new. But a surprising number of companies haven’t joined the RevTech Revolution, relying instead on comfortable, if time-worn, manual processes — or fearing that a major technology shift would cause too much organizational stress.

RevTech’s best partner, ABM, has been similarly neglected, again largely due to outdated understandings of its possibilities. 

The personalization in ABM is labor-intensive manually, but using AI-powered RevTech, it’s possible to automate and deploy at scale, to impressive results.

How 6sense Makes the Difference

BCG’s analysis specifically cites 6sense as a way of combining RevTech and ABM to yield incredible results.

One of our customers, a cybersecurity firm, implemented the 6sense platform to help identify prospects based on the current security environment, and then ranked those prospects. 

With those AI-driven insights, the customer was able to deploy personalized, scaled ABM programs with a 1.5-person marketing staff. 

And the results were stellar.

“Using this program, the pipeline-to-sales conversion rate jumped by 500% and deal sizes increased by 25%,” BCG reports.

How Your Company Can Catch Up

If your B2B company hasn’t joined the RevTech Revolution, it could be part of that $2 trillion statistic.

Business buyers navigate about 70% of their buying journey anonymously in what we call the Dark Funnel™,” explains 6sense’s CMO Latané Conant.

By neglecting the information that RevTech can deliver, companies are staying in the dark — an expensive decision, especially these days.

Read the report and get your B2B team up to speed. 

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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