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The Typical B2B SaaS Marketing Technology Stack: A Data-Backed Study

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A perfectly curated marketing technology stack is behind every successful B2B SaaS business today. There is a synergistic relationship between manpower and technology. From automating tedious manual marketing tasks to software that drives up team productivity, tools exponentially help businesses function more efficiently.

As a B2B SaaS Marketer, the right marketing technology stack is most definitely an indispensable part of your team’s functioning. You’re probably somewhere in between just figuring out what tools work well for you and possessing a tech stack that’s a match made in heaven. It’s a process that is absolutely necessary before you can zero in on that sweet spot where your tools become an extension of yourself. What we’re trying to say here is tools are cool.

With over 7,000 SaaS companies in the marketing space alone, searching for the right tools might seem like an overwhelming task at first. A good place to start your search would be by looking at marketing technology stacks of the best B2B SaaS companies. 

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Using Slintel’s powerful technographics tool, we analyzed marketing technology stack of 1,926 of the top performing B2B SaaS companies across the United States.

Here’s what the best B2B SaaS marketing teams use

Our technographics tool helped us arrive at a list of over 1,500 marketing tools used by 1,926 B2B SaaS companies. We figured that we could spruce things up on this listicle by turning it into our own little award show of sorts. 

The rules are simple. Each marketing tool will be scored based on the number of top performing B2B SaaS companies using it. The most popular tool in each segment wins our award and more importantly a mention on this honorable listicle. Let’s begin!

1. Search Engine Marketing

In a world that heavily relies on search engines to satisfy it’s information appetite, search has become the perfect platform for marketers to exploit. When using search as an avenue to market your product, tools can help rescue your languishing search ranking. Here are what the best of the best use to rank on search.

Search Engine Marketing Tools - Marketing Technology Stack

Winner: Google Ads

Paid search is undisputedly the fastest and easiest way to rank on search. Likewise, Google Ads is comfortably the most reliable platform to rake in a ton of inorganic traffic to your website.

1,412 of the 1,926 top performing B2B SaaS companies use Google Ads to drive traffic onto their sites. That translates to over 73.5% of the sample population using Google Ads. Great things can be achieved using Google Ads and our findings are a reflection of the same.

Today, Google Ads has become an inevitable part of every marketing technology stack.

Honorable mentions: Bing Ads

2. Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic to a B2B SaaS marketer is like music to the ear. Using accurate data is the most effective way to successfully drive organic traffic onto your website. Much like a compass, SEO tools point marketers towards data-driven optimizations that help open the floodgates.

Search Engine Optimization Tools - Marketing Technology Stack

Winner: Moz

Moz happens to be the go-to tool for all things SEO. Keyword and link research, rank tracking, content optimizations and analytics all seem like necessities for any B2B SaaS marketer out there. With over 1077 B2B SaaS businesses using Moz to cover their SEO needs, it is a tried and tested SEO tool that you may want to consider adding to your marketing technology stack.

Honorable mentions: SEMrush, WordStream

3. Cloud-based Search

With businesses increasingly storing their data on the cloud, cloud-based search is the logical way to go. Cloud-based search engines ensure a smooth search experience for you and your audience. Through the constant monitoring, maintenance and calibration of your search use cases, cloud-based search engines make your website and its content more accessible to your audience.

Cloud-based Search Tools - Marketing Technology Stack

Winner: Amazon Cloud Search

A great search solution for your website or application, Amazon Cloud Search gives you access to a comprehensive set of search capabilities without you having to become a search expert. This helps your website’s scalability on search and ensures it is always monitored for redundancies. With 561 companies using Amazon Cloud Search, it’s no surprise that marketers want their content to be well indexed and more accessible.

Honorable mentions: Swiftype, SearchSpring

4. Marketing Analytics

When marketing decisions are based on accurate data your results are much more likely to go in your favor. Analyzing key metrics pertaining to your website and your audience’s interaction with it can help you better cater to them. From analyzing marketing campaigns to monitoring content performance, marketing analytics allows you to rectify issues and implement successful data-driven strategies.

Marketing Analytics Tools - Marketing Technology Stack

Winner: Optimizely

While Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool out there, this segment is more about tools refined towards the marketing functions of a B2B SaaS Business. With 123 companies using Optimizely it is the most popular tool among the best B2B SaaS companies. A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, feature flags and full stack product experiments are a few features that make Optimizely a versatile tool.

Honorable mentions: Mixpanel, Heap

5. Marketing Automation

Many important marketing processes tend to be laborious and repetitive. Wasting efforts and resources on such tasks is something all businesses would rather avoid. Marketing automation tools are a great way to overcome this dilemma. By automating repetitive marketing processes you’ll be able to conquer manually unfeasible tasks. Now you can have your very own “This is Sparta” moment.

Marketing Automation Tools - Marketing Technology Stack

Winner: HubSpot

We found that nearly 20% of the businesses use HubSpot to automate their marketing processes. HubSpot allows you to automate repetitive processes such as social media posts, ad campaigns and emails. Marketing automation and HubSpot are words that tend to be used interchangeably today and it’s popularity means it wins our award.

Honorable mentions: Marketo, Pardot, Autopilot

6. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing platforms such as chatbots have become a great resource for B2B SaaS marketers. It provides visitors with the opportunity to seamlessly reach out to your sales team if they ever feel the need to. Setting up a conversational platform on your site can also help boost your conversions through the implementation of conversational marketing strategies. 

Conversational Marketing Tools

Winner: Intercom

With 200 companies implementing Intercom, it wins our award for the most popular conversational marketing tool among B2B SaaS companies. The Intercom platform allows you to build custom chatbots and resolution bots to perfectly execute your conversational marketing strategies. From automated query responses to guided product tours, Intercom offers you a whole new outlet for your marketing ideas to flourish.

Honorable mentions: Drift

7. Email Marketing

Emails are an integral part of any marketing strategy today. An effective email strategy, however, must also be paired with reliable execution. This is where email marketing tools come into the picture. Automated emails have replaced the archaic trade of spending hours sending out emails. Dinosaurs seem really cool, but would you really want to be one?

Email Marketing Tools - Marketing Technology Stack

Winner: MailChimp

If you’re not looking to pay a pretty penny for a marketing automation tool like HubSpot but you really want the functionality of automated emails then MailChimp is your tool. With 164 B2B SaaS companies using MailChimp, it wins our award for the most used email marketing tool 

Honorable mentions: Zoho Campaigns, Constant Contact

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great outlet for marketers to grab opportunities that would otherwise be improbable. Today, affiliate marketing tools can connect you to authoritative affiliates that will market your product to high intent niche audiences.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Winner: TUNE

TUNE partner marketing platform is a great tool that gives you access to a large network of affiliate marketers and some of the largest global performance advertising networks. You can further use TUNE to monitor the performance of your affiliates and advertising networks with insights such as clicks and conversions being recorded. 

Honorable mentions: ShareASale, Outbrain, Impact

9. PR Marketing

Public Relations are a great way to attract attention towards your B2B SaaS product. Having your company featured on a blog, newspaper or magazine will help inform a broad spectrum of decision makers about your product. Today PR marketing tools enable marketing teams to carry out and monitor a variety of PR functions from the comfort of a single tool.

PR Marketing Tools

Winner: Newswire

Newswire is an all-purpose Public Relations marketing tool that enables businesses to distribute press releases, product content and company statements across a network of over 8,000 publishing sites and over 1.8 million journalists and bloggers. You can further track where your story is published, open rates and who your readers are.

176 B2B SaaS companies use Newswire to fulfil their PR requirements. This makes it our stand out winner as the most popular PR marketing tool among 1926 of the best B2B SaaS companies.

Honorable mentions: GlobeNewswire,


Having provided you with a clear picture of the tools used by top B2B SaaS companies, we hope that you can use it to narrow down your search for the perfect marketing technology stack. To get rich technology stack insights on your target companies (or, for that matter, any firm or organization across the globe), check out Slintel’s technographics-based buying intent solution.

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