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Are You Addicted to Being Right? Highlights from Sales Book Club with author Keenan

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Keenan is one of today’s most dynamic, direct and impactful sales leaders.  He’s known for his no-holds-barred approach and thoughtful, right-to-the-point advice.

Last week was no exception.  While I highly recommend watching the full replay, here are a few highlights from his recommendations to sales professionals right now:

  • If the problem isn’t big enough, they aren’t going to buy.  It’s the seller’s job to understand the problem, be an expert in the problem, and help the customer make connections between that clearly-articulated problem and the value of the associated outcome.
  • Nobody is buying what you are selling.  They are buying the outcome it represents.
  • Never get into a product pricing discussion.  Focus on an outcome pricing discussion instead.
  • Are you addicted to being right?  Or are you willing to listen to and respond to the customers perspective with empathy, understanding and insights?
  • Marketers – learn from those late night informercials when you write your copy.  Notice how they all start with the problem?  Those black-and-white videos of people failing with the status quo?  That’s how you do it.
  • The more you get the prospect talking about the present, the more they will self-realize how big the problem is and how important it is to solve.
  • Also for marketers – insights are more important than collateral.  Teach your sales team to own the problem and create/deliver insights to their customers.
  • Work towards an 80/20 buyer/seller talk ratio.  The more the prospect talks, the more they are engaged, self-aware and ready for the next step with you.

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