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AI Does the Legwork to Help You Work Smarter and More Profitably

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Account-based marketing outreach has always posed a few unique challenges. Here’s one of the most significant ones: The bigger your potential customer list, the harder it is to effectively reach and engage them.

Keep reading to learn several key aspects of this challenge — and how AI-powered solutions like 6sense deftly handle them.

AI Helps You Market to the Right Customer with the Right Message

Historically, crafting effective personalized outreach has been nearly impossible.

On one hand, traditional digital marketing and outreach techniques can engage prospects at scale, but they often rely on generic messages to do so. This usually wastes money and time, and alienates potential customers. On the other hand, creating personalized messages for thousands of potential accounts is more work than most organizations can manage.

However, handling massive data sets and automated outreach tasks is what business-class AI does best. With the right platform, AI can treat each entry in your vast CRM as an individual, noting the preferences and behaviors of that account and its contacts. This allows AI-driven sales teams to personalize marketing messages at scale, while focusing on buyers.

Since AI can monitor thousands of accounts at once, it can also create audience segments based on real-time data. This means that as an account’s online behavior shifts, your marketing messages can shift with them. 

Smarter Outreach Leads to Better Morale and Customer Relationships

Sales professionals know from experience that only some accounts are ready to purchase at any given time. Even if it was possible to reach out to every single potential customer, it would be wildly inefficient.

Cold calls are annoying for customers and demoralizing for the sales representatives. AI can’t guarantee that an enthusiastic buyer will answer every call, but it can tilt the odds significantly in your favor.

6sense does this by analyzing the Dark Funnel™ — a vast drove of anonymous data signals that buyers generate while performing online searches, visiting competitor sites, and visiting your own website without filling out a contact form. This behavior is typically invisible to revenue teams, though industry-leading solutions like 6sense can detect, identify, and analyze them.

6sense’s AI then compares these online behaviors to the historical data generated by your best customers, and spots patterns of engagement that signal readiness to purchase. If the account is early in its buyer’s journey, we help clients deliver personalized marketing messages. If the account is nearing the Decision stage, we alert sales representatives so they can begin 1-to-1 outreach.

AI Is Like a Precision-Guided Laser for Hitting Sales Targets

Does it seem like no matter how many prospects your team members call, it’s impossible to predict if they’ll actually hit their sales target? When you don’t know how likely each call will result in a sale, you must often resort to the brute force approach of making as many calls as you possibly can just to find the buyer in the haystack.

AI like the kind 6sense has, however, can do more than just streamline your call list. Its Revenue Prediction feature also weighs firmographic data to determine which potential accounts are likely to buy more from you.

Honing ABM Results with AI-Powered Targeting

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The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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