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Using Slintel For Your Account Based Prospecting

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Account-Based Everything (ABE)- selling, marketing, prospecting, anything else you want to call it- has been around longer than most of your interns. 

The concept is introduced and reintroduced time and again, and if you are confused about what it looks like, think of the suave Don Draper from the hit show Mad Men (a holy grail for marketeers if you believe me). Talking clients into signing humongous marketing deals just by getting personal with them was the essence of the techniques used by Don Draper. Make the client feel like they are the only customer you are servicing, personalizing every inch of your pitch just for them and making them feel special. That’s all, not much to ask for, right? 

Agreed, that was just a TV show with stars clad in gorgeous pieces of garb, but the techniques they established then are still being used at large today, and is the most effective way of selling, if you can manage it. 

You can find examples of account based targeting even in your individual lives- 

  • Seeing ads for a CRM on Youtube after you have researched them? 
  • Receiving multiple emails from sales executives when you only visited their website once?
  • Websites showing you ads for software instead of consumer products because you did some research?

All of these are examples of account-based targeting from your real life. This type of machine learning has paved the way for prospecting and outreach in client-based businesses. Which brings us to:

What is Account Based Prospecting?

Account Based Prospecting (ABP) is aligning your marketing efforts with the sales teams’, and directly targeting buyer personas that are most likely to buy your product. Rather than wasting time on account with less yield, marketing identifies personas for high value accounts that will potentially end up buying your product. ABP helps identify high account buyers, and treats them like individual markets. All types of content, communications, and campaigns are then tailored for those specific accounts. This gives a huge boost to your ROI and when customers get this much attention to detail, you win their hearts, and in turn, their loyalty. 

Using Slintel’s Chrome Extension to Start With Your Account-Based Prospecting

A. Add Slintel’s Chrome Extension

  • Sign up and/or Log in to the Slintel Dashboard
  • Go to the “Companies” tab from your Dashboard

Using Slintel’s Starter Plan to start with your Account Based Prospecting

You must be wondering, where to start your Account-based prospecting journey? We’ll show you how to find target accounts using Slintel’s free starter plan, and how to find relevant contacts pertaining to your target accounts. 

Let’s look at this step by step:

A. Using rich filters to find target accounts

First, you have to decide what kind of accounts are your most likely customers. This can be deciphered by-

  • Analyzing your historical accounts
  • Current account composition

Once you analyze what kind of accounts are most likely to buy your product, you will have the following basic details to identify them by:

  • Industry
  • Employee Size
  • Geography
  • Sector 
  • Revenue

Let’s say you are selling a product that keeps track and job postings and recruitment updates,, and are looking for HR tech companies that might be able to use your product. Below are the following specifications you have arrived at after observing what your current and past customers have looked like:

  • Sector: Technology
  • Industry: Information Technology and Services
  • Employee Size: 11-500
  • Geography: USA
  • Tags: HR, Human Resources
  • Revenue: 1b+

Now that you have identified the filters, let’s take it for a spin and see what accounts you find:

  1. Signup and/or Login to the Slintel Dashboard
  2. Go to the “Companies” tab from your Dashboard

  1. Select the filters you have chosen, and apply and save filters to see the results. Below are the filters we have chosen in this scenario. The goal is to find HR tech companies that are your most likely customers:
  • Sector: Technology
  • Industry: Information Technology and Services
  • Employee Size: 11-500
  • Geography: US 
  • Tags: HR (since you want to find HR companies)

You can also chose other rich filters in the free version, like:

  • Date Funded
  • Technologies/Keywords used

RESULT: 50 companies that match your filter criteria

Once you save and apply the filters, you will be able to view a list of the first 50 companies or less (whichever is applicable). 

Result of account based prospecting- slintel dasshboard

You can also look at the Slintel dashboard for contacts with high decision making power filters. Let’s select the first result- Mavenlink for further inspection. 

B. Identifying leads with high decision-making power from accounts selected above

Now that you have a list of companies you want to go after, you must be wondering whom to contact. 

While you can get a list of employees for that company from perhaps going to the company profile on LinkedIn and finding contacts from there which makes things extremely cumbersome. You can maybe do this for companies with less than 50 members, and find contacts with high purchasing power from LinkedIn, but how do you do the same exercise for a company of 1000+ employees? And once you have found the contact, are you sure you are confident about the email addresses mentioned on those sources? 

All this information can be quite difficult to source. But luckily, Slintel has a quick solution to this problem. Even in the free version, you have filters on company pages that can identify leads with high email confidence, high decision making power, and leads with phone numbers. 

Let’s figure these contacts for the company we have selected above. 

  1. Click on the company “Mavenlink” from the results page. This will open up the company page for Mavenlink.This page shows you:
    1. Company Overview
    2. Technologies Used
    3. Funding History
    4. Company News and Twitter Feed
    5. Lead Insights
Slintel dashboard Mavenlink Company Profile
  1. Click on “See All Leads”. This will take you to the “Lead Insights” page for Mavenlink. Here, you can see that Slintel’s data has 177 records for Mavenlink, showing the top 50 in the free version.
Slintel Dashboard- Lead insights page
  1.  The above is a list of all the employees, but we want high purchasing power decision makers from Mavenlink, who have high confidence email addresses. Select these filters from the menu on the right, and the data will be refreshed automatically. You can even save these filters for further use. You can choose from filters like, lead function, division, title, and decision making power. 

For simplicity, we have just selected the “decision making” filter to “high”

Slintel dashboard- decision making power high filter

RESULT: Arriving at contacts with high decision-making power at Mavenlink.

You can see 4 records with high decision making power at Mavenlink. You can also further narrow down this search with filters like “Leads with email” and “Leads with direct dials”.

Lead insights- account based prospecting result

Here you have it! You got 4 contacts to proceed with, just by identifying whom you are selling to, and the type of decision makers you want to reach. 

Final Thoughts

Account based prospecting is exactly what you think- identifying potential accounts and reaching out to them, but it is not as easy.  A solution like Slintel can change your whole prospecting strategy, and help you find relevant accounts who want to buy your product, today! 

Like what you see? Talk to one of our account executives, today!

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