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ABX International: 4 Ways Account-Based Experiences Can Expand Your Global Reach

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Entering Egypt? Moving into Mongolia? Just approved in Argentina?

When companies expand into new markets, revenue generation becomes more complicated than ever. Countless legal, political, technological, cultural, and economic factors can affect how sellers engage buyers. As a result, most B2B organizations slip into wait-and-see mode, slow-playing GTM plans and stalling outbound marketing activities for fear they’ll get something wrong.

Unfortunately, this hesitancy stunts a company’s ability to:

  • Build territories to help reps hit numbers more quickly
  • Grow sales pipeline aggressively
  • Gain visibility and seize market share

The good news is that a well-built, data-packed account-based approach to marketing and sales can radically improve a company’s global expansion efforts. ABX technologies and strategies offer game-changing market intelligence that empower revenue teams to sidestep common pitfalls and maximize revenue-generation opportunities.

Here are four ways ABX helps your brand fruitfully expand into new geographies:

Inform Territory Assignments

Businesses rely on multiple data points when determining which markets are expansion-worthy. These usually include demographics and firmographics, competitor involvement, supply chain attributes, legal and compliance dynamics, and economic data.

ABX data offers additional useful inputs into this decision-making. An accounts-focused company that uses good tech is in a better position to also analyze any select region’s:

  • Proportional effect on your global total addressable market
  • Number of net new accounts worth pursuing
  • Potential pipeline value
  • Comparative strength of intent data

These data points help leaders avoid subjective biases. They can offer a more empirical approach to assessing the business potential of certain geographies and justifying investments therein.

Deftly Navigate Privacy Laws

It’s no secret that privacy and data protection have become a global concern, and that different countries have devised their own laws to protect users. For instance, many countries have adopted GDPR legislation completely, while others have modeled their own provisions in similar fashion.

Just as it is with any customer-touching technology, it’s absolutely critical to make sure the ABX platform you use can comply with international privacy laws.

Beyond mere compliance, however, it’s helpful to know the benefits that different ABX platforms offer when it comes to engaging buyers and accounts in other channels.

For example, LinkedIn holds itself as a data controller and consequently has the primary responsibility for complying with GDPR. When individuals join LinkedIn, they expressly agree to terms that include receiving promotional and similar messages. LinkedIn also allows users to tweak their settings so they can opt-out of their info being used in ad targeting.

These measures can make LinkedIn a more regulatorily favorable venue for marketers than other social platforms or advertising that uses cookies. The platform becomes even more appealing to global sellers because its advertising costs are lower in certain regions.

ABX platforms that offer integrations with LinkedIn ads (like 6sense) empower marketers to focus their spend by only targeting audiences inside the global network who also exist within their database segments.

Speak the Preferred Language(s)

Naturally, language fluency is also integral to a company’s ability to convey powerful in-region messages. This attribute is put to the test when an organization tries to engage new foreign markets at scale, especially those with more than locally spoken language.

It’s not uncommon for an organization’s BDR and SDR staffing and resources to be stretched thin before a given market becomes lucrative. Engaging with audiences in multilingual territories over always-on (and often interactive) digital communication channels poses an especially daunting challenge.

The thing to keep in mind is that this challenge confronts all market entrants — and those that do nothing usually leave room for competitors to win business.

ABX strategies can provide a compelling market edge here, too. Good ABX tech enables sellers to personalize messages at scale and in language through a one-to-some fashion.

For example, display advertising transmitted through 6sense’s custom DSP can detect the language associated with recipients’ browsers. This signals our technology to trigger language-appropriate messages exclusively. For instance, sellers can upload ads in both English and French for the Canadian market and be assured that the appropriate version will reach prospects who might favor one language over another.

This feature can serve as a powerful screening tool. Businesses serving Luxembourg, for example, could segment accounts by French, German, and Luxembourgish, preferring accounts based on ad engagement and allocating their resources accordingly.

Thread Multinational Buying Teams

In our increasingly Zoom-savvy business world, buying teams are more geographically dispersed than ever. It’s not unusual for members of a buying team to live in five or more unique countries within a continent.

ABX-focused sellers are finding success developing persona maps and then using tactics such as email marketing to nurture these buyers toward a favorable consensus. Orchestration becomes key here, as the task of speaking to different personas’ business needs and interests — much less their preferences pertaining to country and culture — is otherwise too burdensome.

By letting technology juggle these factors, revenue-minded organizations can:

  • Minimize logistical delays and debacles
  • Systematically contact audiences at preferred times
  • Simultaneously work more opportunities

Essentially, they can traverse multinational deals with aplomb and have greater assurance that the buyers who choose their products or services will do so more successfully because they began with greater understanding and buy-in.


No matter the territory, a revenue team’s goals are the same: to find buyers, advance their interest levels, and not miss opportunities. Identifying new buyers, wherever they may be, is important because it informs a multitude of more specific GTM decisions.

Performant ABX programs flourish with this fundamental need and then can inform many other international RevOps decisions along the process of evaluating, entering, and energizing new market territories.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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