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6sense July Product Update: Actionable Pipeline Intelligence, Better Data Integrations, and Keyword Enhancements

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The latest update to 6sense Revenue AI™ enhances the revenue-driving activities of your entire team. 

These enhancements help your teams: 

  • Easily identify gaps in your pipeline plans
  • Follow recommended actions to fill those gaps
  • Determine the keywords driving the most engagement with better accuracy
  • Gain more visibility into the buying committee with improved contact records 

Let’s take a look at the biggest features in the July update and how they help drive revenue growth. 

Spot and Fix Pipeline Gaps Before They Hurt Results

You shouldn’t have to panic because you don’t know marketing’s impact on pipeline. 6sense Pipeline Intelligence illuminates real-time opportunity creation and qualification so marketers know what to do to achieve their pipeline goals.

A study found that the performance of 78% of B2B marketers is now measured on their pipeline influence. The problem is that marketers don’t have the tools (until now) to proactively plan, track, forecast, and take timely actions on pipeline generation goals.

Real pipeline power comes from 6sense’s enhanced Pipeline Intelligence and new Recommended Actions. Knowing you have a pipeline gap is only half the battle (well, probably more like 10%). 6sense Pipeline Intelligence now enables you to generate pipeline by targeting pre-qualified opportunities through 6sense segments, or by exporting IICP lists to activate in third-party applications.

One simple use case: Identify accounts associated with pre-qualified opportunities, then create a 6sense segment and build a targeted campaign for them. This encourages their buying journey and pushes them toward pipeline qualification.

Tap Into Email and Calendars to Enrich CRM Data

With so many digital touchpoints these days, it can be hard to be sure you have a complete picture of an entire account. People get looped into email threads late, meeting notices are forwarded 15 minutes before a call, and suddenly you’ve lost track of all the decision makers.

Attempting to then put together all those puzzle pieces later means crawling through email clients, address books, and calendars to find missing contact information … and then manually inputting that data into your CRM.

That’s how it used to work, anyway.

6sense is putting an end to that wild goose chase with a new feature that lets users sync contact information from their email, calendar, and address books to their CRMs. With the missing gaps in the buying team filled, now everyone from marketing, ops, and sales can effectively engage the right people on any channel. 

This feature comes with additional controls to ensure privacy and security needs are met. 6sense admins can control which exchange servers are included, and set up exclusions to prevent data they don’t want being synced. 

Keyword Enhancement and Expanded Coverage

6sense is now smarter than ever, thanks to enhancements to the platform’s natural language processing and keyword coverage.

Uncovering the hidden signals your buyers are giving off is critical to understanding what accounts are in-market, the activities they’re taking, and the content they’re engaging with. Improving the way these signals are captured means you’ll have a more detailed picture of your target audience.

These improvements to 6sense Revenue AI™ give you the power to:

  • Capture and action more relevant intent signals using extracted keyword functionality 
  • Improve targeting and personalization with new keyword recommendations 
  • Expand geotargeting efforts by surfacing more web events in EMEA 

This feature further ensures that 6sense remains the leader in uncovering high-quality intent signals.

LeanData + 6sense Integration

An enhanced integration with LeanData makes 6sense data available natively within the LeanData platform, saving time by removing the need for manual processing through a CRM. 

6sense and LeanData partner together to deliver everything sellers need to know about the buyers who are in-market and ready to hear from them.

Customers of 6sense and LeanData will benefit from this integration because it enables revenue operations to automatically identify, enrich, and route high-intent accounts to the right revenue team members, complete with real-time 6sense AI insights and buying stage predictions to guide next best steps.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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