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5 Outbound Plays From 6sense BDRs That Earned Time with Execs

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Business, sales, and account development reps work HARD to earn time on prospects’ calendars. At 6sense, we believe BDRs are a BFD (a big f’ing deal). They  operate in the space where the rubber meets the road, between marketing and sales.

In celebration of BDR appreciation week, we’re highlighting our very own Big Deal BDRs and the work they do every day to drive pipeline for 6sense.

A BDR’s job requires more insights and personalization than ever, so we thought we’d share some actionable tips from our own team.

Here are the top 5 most impactful outbound tactics our BDRs use:

1. Use the prospect’s own language

Our prospects (especially VP or C-level execs) frequently appear on podcasts and in interviews, and contribute to or publish their own articles. 6sense BDRs frequently leverage prospect-created content to help understand our prospects, break through noise, and share how 6sense can address their pipeline challenges.

2. Put the prospect’s initiatives first

Our buyers are laser-focused on their own initiatives, not the products we sell! Whether it’s their prized conference of the year or their company mission, BDRs need to understand how their solution fits into their prospect’s story. Tactful humor is always a bonus!

3. Multi-threading

Outbound doesn’t stop at the first meeting. B2B selling is more fragmented than ever, as buying committees are often composed of 9+ people. Meeting with one person does not generally qualify a sales opportunity, and 6sense BDRs will often reach out to multiple people throughout the org to bring more decision makers into the deal.

4. Relevance and value at every touch

Over 300 BILLION emails are sent each day. And to time-strapped B2B buyers, what’s worse than spam emails are follow-up spam emails! 6sense BDRs use multi-touch, multi-channel prospecting to get our prospects’ attention, and by using 6sense account insights, we can send highly relevant content on every touch.

5. Incorporating gifts

For our BDRs, the most successful gifting strategy for directors, VPs, and C-level executives consists of using the gift as an eye-catching conversation opener, then successfully weaving in the gift to our overall messaging for why that leader would benefit from meeting with our team. B2B sellers looking for qualified deals can’t simply “buy” meetings with gifts! Prospecting tenants of quality messaging, relevance, and value all still apply.

The most valuable resource that any decision maker has is their time, and to earn it, XDRs today need creative personalization, business relevance, and persistence through their multi-channel, multi-touch outreach.

Glowing responses like these from prospects is possible through the combined effort of a successful marketing motion warming up accounts and a BDR team that is adequately supported through company culture, strong leadership, enablement, and technology.

Interested in learning more about how 6sense BDRs produce $500k+ in qualified pipeline month-over-month?

Check out this video on our day-to-day workflow:

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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