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3 Ways AI Can Help You Write Less Robotic Emails

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B2B email marketing is a delicate balance of effort, time, and results: 

The best results come from meticulously personalizing each email’s content and arrival time for the greatest potential impact.

But the best use of time is “blasting” at scale to reach everyone on your email list. These generic emails ensure that your message gets out to a wide audience, but they often feel more like an “extended auto warranty” robocall than legitimate human outreach. 

By smartly leveraging AI to craft your emails, it’s possible to grasp the best-possible benefits of both worlds

Here are three ways artificial intelligence can, paradoxically, help you write less robotic emails.

1. Know Your Leads — Programmatically

Traditional email automation has fairly rudimentary personalization capabilities; it’s often used to insert the name, company, and perhaps role/business function into emails, and little else. The email content and design, however, would be identical to the template. 

This approach simply isn’t specific or resonant enough for today’s buyers. As business intelligence has developed, so too have buyers’ expectations regarding personalized outreach. To reach them in ways that authentically speak to their concerns, you need tools that can read a CRM and generate a comprehensive understanding of each lead.

AI-enhanced email pitches can recognize a lead’s industry, niche, preferences, and behavior patterns through already archived data. Combined with a world-class ABX platform, this data can be extensive, ranging across a robust spectrum of technographic, firmographic, and psychographic information, and much more.

(Check out our A Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel™ interactive ebook to discover even more data-points that can be identified, collected, and analyzed by industry-leading ABX technologies.)

AI-powered email software leverages these disparate, valuable insights and creates personalized email campaigns that take all known factors into account, along with a few pre-established strategies created by your revenue team. 

This enables your B2B AI to predict the types of content, products, and subject lines that would be the most interesting to each individual lead. Better still, your business can do all this without requiring time-consuming analysis from a human sales rep. 

2. Personalized Subject Lines Improve Open Rates

We all know that subject lines inform a buyer’s near-instant decision to read or delete an email. And we also know that most are deleted without a second thought.

But personalized subject lines, which are honed to inspire interest and trust in targeted leads, are far more effective than generic subject lines — even well-written ones.

According to an Oberlo study, personalized email subject lines generate an average of 50% higher open rates. But who has time to personalize every email subject line without starting to feel and sound robotic themselves? An AI.

AI-powered subject line personalization analyzes industry and keyword interests to design engaging subject lines for every lead on the email list. The subject lines won’t be the same and won’t necessarily even follow the same format. 

3. Personalized Content Increases Interest and Engagement

The real kicker, however, is personalized content in each outreach email. 

Your customers are not cookie-cutter copies of each other. They may work in different industries, niches, and levels of the supply chain. And their buyers hail from within different divisions of those companies—each with their respective concerns and goals. 

The region, process, products, and even buying calendar of each customer is also unique. 

This means what a buyer might want to see often differs wildly from account to account … and even within each account.

 So why send the same email pitch when you can personalize it?

When buyers open your emails, they should find content that:

  • Relates to them
  • Is relevant to their current role
  • Offers solutions to timely challenges

An AI can select the right mix of content and topics to keep leads engaged and show that your brand is attentive to their unique business concerns.

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