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2023 Report: Signs of Resilience and Concern Among BDRs

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6sense dubbed 2022 as the “Golden Age of the BDR.” When we surveyed Business Development Representatives (BDRs) early last year, most reported feeling well-supported by their organizations. We also learned that when BDRs felt supported, they were more likely to make quota.

This year, considering the recent economic shifts, we wanted to understand how — if at all — feelings have changed. 6sense Research surveyed 500 BDRs, asking many of the same questions about their current job tenure, performance, and career goals.

Key takeaways are below; please read the free 2023 State of the BDR Report to learn more.

Key Findings

  • While most BDRs still feel supported in 2023, they feel less supported than they did in 2022, with fewer tools and resources to carry out their responsibilities. 
  • BDRs that do outbound engagement with prospects are hitting their quotas better than those who handle inbound leads only.
  • BDRs say better contact and intent data would make them feel more confident about hitting their targets.


Despite the increased difficulty of the job, BDRs have managed to stay on track with their quotas in the past year.

In 2022, there was a strong correlation between BDRs who felt supported and those who hit quotas. While quota attainment remains resilient, the perceived decline in support could be an early warning sign that it may waver.

B2B selling organizations should explore ways to improve data access and quality.  

The success of outbound BDRs suggests the right buyers are out there, as long as BDRs have effective ways to target them and engage them in meaningful conversations. 

Read the 2023 State of the BDR Report to discover more of the survey’s findings and how you can better serve your BDRs this year and beyond.

The 6sense Research Team

6sense Research applies objective statistical analyses to primary research that delivers data-driven insights to B2B revenue teams. We empower revenue teams to more effectively plan, execute, and measure their go-to-market strategies, informed by the latest insights about what works, what doesn’t, and why.

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