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The 16 Best Sales Prospecting Tools in the Business (2022)

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Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

Think of sales prospecting tools like the blinders on a horse during a race. They help it narrow down its focus towards the path of success enabling it to cross the finish line in the fastest possible manner with minimum fuss. Likewise, sales prospecting tools help salespeople focus on the right prospects with the right information, ensuring you close a lot more deals in a lot less time with a fraction of the effort.

In the horse race that the world of business is, you’ve got to be perpetually on the front foot, and without your blinders (sales prospecting tools in your case since you’re technically not a horse), no one’s going to want to put their money on you. Pair the right tools with winning sales prospecting strategies, and you’ve got the world at your feet!

We’ve put together a list of 16 of the best sales prospecting tools in the business that will help transform you and your team into the front runner stallions that you were born to be.

Here are the 16 Best Sales Prospecting Tools 

The following is a list of the 16 best sales prospecting tools supported by G2 reviews.

1. Slintel

Slintel - Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Slintel is a powerful lead enrichment and sales/market intelligence tool that provides actionable technographics-powered buyer intent data to sales and marketing teams. The tool analyzes over 100 billion data points including buyer journeys, technology adoption patterns and other digital footprints, giving you access to the 3% of high intent buyers in your market.

With invaluable intent data and contact information of over 70 million key decision-makers across 17 million businesses around the world, you’ll have all the information you ever need to maximize your deal closure rates while drastically minimizing the effort, time and resources needed by your team.

The modern world of business is a ruthless one and not using data to power your sales functions is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. With crucial information that can help you turn a deal on its head and unlock those all-important yeses from prospects, Slintel helps sales teams harness the power of data to ensure optimal levels of sales productivity.

Slintel - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

We have also built the ultimate Chrome extension that helps you uncover emails, phone numbers, and technographic data about your prospects directly from LinkedIn or their website, all for FREE. Feel free to take it for a spin!

Sales prospecting Chrome extension tool

Slintel’s free sales prospecting Chrome extension tool

2. Outplay

Outplay - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020


Once you’ve used Slintel to equip your team with incisive buyer intent data and contact information that will help win you deals in record times, you’ll need a medium through which you can reach out to your prospects. 

A sales engagement tool like Outplay is a great platform to conduct your sales outreach, allowing you to create hyper-personalized sequences (using Slintel’s data). Outplay’s sequences allow you to reach out to prospects through email, phone, SMS, LinkedIn and Twitter in a personalized and intimate manner. You can further track email opens, email clicks and other information that will help you systematically improve your outreach and drive up the number of meetings booked.

Outplay - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

3. HubSpot Sales


Keeping your sales processes organized is a key part of the sales prospecting process and HubSpot is the perfect solution for doing that. HubSpot is a multifaceted solution for sales and marketing teams that offers everything from marketing and sales automation to analytics and content management capabilities. The tool allows you to automate sales emails, track calls, generate quotes and offers a variety of other features that help you prospect more efficiently.

HubSpot Sales - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

4. Whatfix

Whatfix - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


To carry out effective sales prospecting the foremost thing you require is a well-oiled machine. Whatfix is a great training and digital adoption solution for sales reps, providing them with in-app onboarding procedures and interactive walkthroughs. With contextual and personalized guidance offered by the tool, your team will quickly be acquainted with the tools and processes necessary to run the show.

Whatfix - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

5. Saleswhale

Saleswhale - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


An AI-powered conversational email marketing platform, Saleswhale serves as an assistant for demand generation teams and does this by transforming baseless leads into sales qualified opportunities. The AI-powered sales assistant tool does the prospecting for you by engaging with your marketing-generated leads before qualifying them in bulk. Saleswhale does this using a two-way email conversation process prior to pushing the qualified leads over to your sales reps.

Saleswhale - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

6. Hunter

Hunte - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


If you don’t want the wealth of buyer intent data that Slintel has to offer but still want to access the emails of your prospects then is a great option. Hunter gives you access to the email addresses of over 100 million contacts, making it a handy sales prospecting solution for your business.

Hunter - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

7. DocuSign

DocuSign - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


The most significant procedure in any business involves getting your deals across the finish line. A deal isn’t done until it’s signed and secured. DocuSign enables sales teams to seamlessly turn prospects into clients by providing them with the ability to remotely sign documents and contracts in-person. Email-based authentication, real-time status and legal admissibility mean that your sales agreement is set in stone.

DocuSign - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

8. Powtoon

Powtoon - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


Video is a powerful prospecting tool as it offers sales teams the ability to harness the power of synchronized visual, aural and textual elements that create impactful multisensory engagement for your prospects. 

Powtoon is a nifty video editing business solution that requires no design skills on your part to master. It does this by offering easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionalities and a wide library of resources to help create sales videos that demand the attention of your prospects. From demos to customer testimonials, the Powtoon video prospecting tool can bring an extra edge to your sales game.

Powtoon - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

9. Wingman

Wingman - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


Wingman is a real-time sales coaching solution that allows you to train your sales reps remotely using conversation intelligence, actionable insights on successful playbooks and audio/video recordings. The tool provides AI-assisted cue cards and feedback in real-time to ensure more meetings end up in deal closures.

Wingman - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

10. Clari

Clari - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


A sales forecasting and management tool, Clari offers sales teams the ability to analyze, improve and better manage a variety of sales operations. Sales analytics, pipeline inspection, forecast management, AI and automation to streamline sales funnels and revenue operations are some key features that are integral for productive sales prospecting.

Clari - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

11. Guru

Guru - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


As we mentioned earlier, data is crucial in the world of sales, and easy access to your entire business’s sales database is a must if you want your sales reps to be proactive. Guru is a knowledge management tool that helps you record, store, share and access all your sales knowledge and information in one location. This makes it easy for your team to instantaneously access the information they need without having to search for it. The tool also captures all of your business’s information and expertise, be it from Google Docs or Slack threads to other apps and ideas of your teams.

Guru - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

12. Drift

Drift - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


Conversational marketing and sales platforms are must-haves for every business, enabling them to expand their sales prospecting efforts. The ability for visitors to instantly reach out to sales and customer support reps makes for a seamless avenue through which businesses can accumulate new leads. 

From AI chatbots to in-person live chats, Drift offers a ton of customizability for businesses to execute conversational sales and marketing strategies. The tool allows you to store all conversation history, create visitor profiles and easily access it later. You can further automate email campaigns based on conversational cues to automate query responses using Drift.

Drift - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

13. Hootsuite

Hootsuite - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


Social media is another massive avenue through which sales take place and prospecting on a variety of social media platforms gives you access to a whole lot of new leads and crucial information about them. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that not only allows you to manage your social media profiles but more importantly enables you to find, nurture and measure leads based on social insights. It is one of the most commonly used tools by social media agencies when managing their clients’ handles.

Hootsuite - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

14. Slack


Slack is the perfect tool to bridge the communication gap between colleagues, doubling as a collaboration tool when needed. However, it also happens to be a great resource for sales prospecting with an abundance of ingenious Slack channels that serve as ever flowing fountains of good advice, information and sales cues. You’re even bound to encounter the occasional high intent lead on Slack if you find yourself at the right place at the right time. It’s also a great place to network and there’s nothing like networking to boost your sales prospecting opportunities.

Slack - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

15. Mediafly


Innovation and creativity are key attributes that salespeople are required to possess in order to be successful today. Mediafly is the perfect sales prospecting tool for creative sales professionals that are looking for innovative ways to improve their pitches. 

The tool allows you to easily create and deliver engaging and impactful sales content and presentations, in-person or remotely from the convenience of a single application. Apart from being able to create interactive sales content and collaterals, you can further analyze your presentation performances and use the data to improve future pitches.

Mediafly - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

16. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting - Best Sales Prospecting Tools


Over the years, live demos have transformed from in-person physical engagements to on-screen presentations on video conferencing apps. However, the modern day has a whole host of remote solutions that offer prospects not just a great experience, but a great deal of engagement through remotely conducted demos. 

GoToMeeting is one such solution that offers a wide variety of features that help make demos and presentations more interactive and impactful. Live application sharing, drawing boards, full desktop sharing, scheduling and instant messaging are some features that will help you create more engaging demos and presentations.

GoToMeeting - Best Sales Prospecting Tools 2020

To Conclude

Of late, there has been a growing affinity towards sales prospecting tools among the sales community, largely due to its ability to deliver massive boosts in sales productivity levels. With data becoming increasingly integral in the success of modern businesses, sales prospecting tools have proved to become a necessity. This is because businesses are being pushed into taking calculated data-backed risks to compete with industry leaders.

Failing to do so in a world where data could be the difference between success and failure, and can prove fatal for any business. Innovative methods and data-driven decision making is what you need to succeed and sales prospecting tools are a big step in the right direction for your organization.

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