Dale Durrett

VP, Partner Success

Dale is passionate about helping companies reduce the friction in their go to market strategies. At 6sense he and his team are working with customers to leverage a multitude of data sources to allow marketing & sales to get close to 100% visibility into accounts at both the company and the contact level. And that’s the real game changer with the B2B buying cycle including in some cases more than 10 people. It is about understanding buying activity at the account level and then at the contact level. With the ability to score existing accounts and contacts, but also find and score net new accounts; providing insight into profile fits but more importantly if they are in market for your product, and where are they in their buying cycle – changes the game. This insight enables sales & marketing to identify the right accounts and in turn communicate with those customers and/or prospects in a relevant way that will resonate and drive meaningful engagement.

Focusing on the right accounts and having a GTM that aligns with both sales and marketing goals allows for better servicing current customers, getting into new deals faster, grow deal sizes, finding new verticals and increasing overall marketshare. (Not to mentioned the ability for marketing to increase the percentage of marketing sourced pipeline.)

Dale brings over 14 years of sales experience from his prior leadership positions at companies such as LinkedIn, IAC and Dow Jones. Most recently before 6sense, Dale was the National VP of Sales for The TechGroup at CBS Interactive.

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