6sense Acquires ZenIQ

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Anindo Mukherjee

Chief Architect

Anindo Mukherjee serves as the Chief Architect at 6Sense. Anindo joined 6Sense after 6Sense acquired ZenIQ, which he cofounded and was the Chief Technology Officer. He spent 4 years at Google Search Quality, where he used machine learning to improve search ranking. He also spent 2 years at Bloomreach where he was responsible for launching several products that brought in multi million dollars in revenue. Before founding ZenIQ, he had also co-founded Captora, and took it from inception to multi-million dollars in revenue. Anindo holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Cincinnati and BE Computer Science from IIT Rookee, India. In his spare time, he loves to play with his kids and play his violin. He is also an avid Warriors fan.

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