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The future of B2B marketing and sales is here.
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6sense is creating a predictive intelligence engine to deliver actionable data to sales and marketing teams – measurably growing businesses in just weeks. If you dream in code and parsing data makes you happy, we’d love to talk to you. We are looking for people with serious skills in and new ways of thinking about big data, statistics, math, data science, machine-learning, UX and customer success.


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“At 6sense we’re using research-level math to solve real data problems--and that’s exciting.” - Mio Alter, Data Scientist
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"Why wouldn't I love working here? 6sense challenges you to be your best, surrounds you with exceptional people and cares about your happiness."- Scott Robertson, Software Engineer
“I love how at 6sense, we all understand the math and never accept blackboxes while doing predictive modeling.” - Burcu Baran, Data Scientist


We’ve lived in over 13 countries: US, France, Nigeria, Israel, Taiwan, Germany, Scotland, Kenya, Canada, India, Russia, Chile and the UK


We’re a diverse bunch. We enjoy Olympic rifle shooting, karate, wrestling, equestrian, snowboarding, pilates, cookies, beach volleyball, playing bass, and cross-country. Our CEO does 1 hour of yoga and runs to work every morning!


We speak 14 languages, including programming languages: French, German, English, Turkish, Igbo, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Java, C#, Python, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi

Our Workspace

6sense HQ is a light-filled, loft-style space in SoMa, commonly known as startup central. We love our open floor plan which promotes collaboration and discussion–no closed office doors here!

The Perks

Furry Friends

Calvin, our team mascot, sustains team positivity

Open Vacation Policy

Take as much as you want

Health Insurance

We offer a wide range of medical, vision, and dental insurance options

Gym Membership

We pay your monthly gym membership of choice


We have an optional savings plan

Snack Bar

We have a snack bar to rival all snack bars. Order your snacks of choice every week

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