@data_nerd: A Badge of Courage

Carla Gentry, self-proclaimed @data_nerd and owner/founder of Analytical Solution, has been in the business for 17 years (and has owned her own business for the last 4 years). We had the [...]

I Predict More Women!

Someone recently asked Amanda Kahlow her biggest prediction for 2015 (and beyond)? It’s simple. She wants to see more women leadership.

From Putting Out Fires to Seizing Opportunities: Discussion With Jim Sterne

We recently sat down with Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Summit, to hear what’s going on in today’s big data universe, as well as what’s on tap for the eMetrics Summit 2015. Here are a few [...]

6sense Joins The Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Not only has Scott Brinker of Chief Marketing Technologist succeeded in creating one of the most iconic supergraphics in B2B marketing, he may have very well coined the term supergraphic. Revered [...]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (This Spring): 5 Must-Attend B2B Marketing Events

Networking, learning, honing our craft—these things are in our nature, as marketers. It just so happens that events and conferences are some of the best places to do this. We’ve handpicked the [...]

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