The Differences Between Lead Scoring, Predictive Lead Scoring And Predictive Intelligence

With predictive technologies evolving so rapidly, it’s a common mistake to put lead scoring, predictive lead scoring and predictive intelligence in the same bucket. Let’s review the differences.

Have Data Analytics Become A Crutch For Lazy Marketers? Zak Garner Weighs In.

This week I spoke at TMForum Live’s Digital Disruption 2014 conference as part of the Customer Centricity & Big Data Analytics Forum. Read on to hear about the best parts of the discussion.

B2B Sales Crystal Ball: Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Biggest Trends Of 2015

In part 2 of our “Crystal Ball: Predictions For 2015” series, we connected with leaders in B2B sales and asked them what they thought would be the biggest B2B sales trend of 2015.

B2B Marketing Crystal Ball: Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Biggest Trends Of 2015

B2B Marketing is one of the most rapidly transforming spaces, fueled in large part by technological advances that are changing the way we choose to communicate with our buyers, and the way those [...]

Is Finance the Next Big Industry to Adopt Predictive? All Signs Point to ‘Yes’

Earlier this week Pam Baker of FierceBigData discussed the slow shift to cross-industry adoption of predictive technologies. Read on to find out why it’s a timely discussion.

SiriusDecisions, Cisco and 6sense to Host Webinar on How Companies Can Jettison Traditional Lead Scoring in Favor of Predictive Intelligence

This morning we published a press release detailing the upcoming webinar. Here’s a link to the full release. Here’s what Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, had to say about the [...]